Clubhouse Rentals

Rental of the facility is $650. The outdoor Pavilion can be added to rentals for an addition $250. There is a $200 clean up escrow which can be used towards the bar bill if desired and the bartender is satisfied with clean up. Your date will be locked in upon payment in full. Payment must be paid on or before 90 days of your scheduled rental. If you should need to cancel outside of 30 days prior to your rental date all monies will be refunded. If canceled within 30 days half of your rental fee plus your escrow will be refunded.
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Your rental includes the use of the clubhouse, kitchen, ice machine, dumpster and deck.  Rentals are limited to 75 guest indoors or a total of 125 guest if you rent both the clubhouse and pavilion.  Rentals can last up to 4 hours. You can arrive on the property 1 hour prior the rental start time to set up and must cleanup immediately after the event.  You are required to bring in all of your own supplies and take out leftovers.

The club provides eleven 60” round tables and and eighteen 96” x 30” rectangular tables and accompanying chairs.   There is a buffet table suitable for crock pots and/or Sterno trays. 

The kitchen oven is available for warming food trays. We also include a bar tender for the event.

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PYC does have bar at the facility. All alcohol must be purchased from PYC. Drink mixers will be supplied by PYC.

You can run a tab or go with a cash bar.  Additionally, you may purchase a keg through the club.

Kegs are not available for High School graduations.

Best investment you can make towards your bar bill is a magic marker for cups.

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No. All alcohol must be purchased through PYC.

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PYC has a full bar, however, if you have a special drink request, you may contact the club prior to your event and we can determine if we can accommodate your request.

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PYC is not available for rental on the 1st Friday of each month.  Additionally, the outdoor pavilion is not available on Sundays during the months of June, July and August.

Please check our calendar on the website for any other open dates. If your date appears booked, you may contact the clubhouse to see if any accommodations can be made. Although we update the website frequently, some dates do free up due to cancellations!

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Decorations shall be restricted to impervious surfaces, i.e. not attached to painted surfaces. Ceiling hooks are provided.

No glitter, confetti, or similar celebratory type debris are permitted on the premises.

No fireworks of any type. If fireworks are lit off during the party, the party will be terminated immediately.

Only PYC members are permitted on the dock.

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You are welcome to bring Music/Entertainment. However, Music/Entertainment shall comply with Bensalem Township noise ordinance 149-5. All outdoor Music/Entertainment must be lowered by 10 PM to an acceptable decibel level.

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PYC is not handicap accessible at this time.

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Boating Facilities

Yes, only members can store a boat at PYC.

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PYC can accommodate boats boats up to 40′. Note, some restrictions apply based on the configuration of the vessel.

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Depending on yard space availability, members can store 2 boats.

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Yes, please see our membership page and complete the membership application request.

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General Questions

PYC has an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) mounted on the wall in the clubhouse.

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