The Pennsylvania Yacht Club Flag Officers and Board of Directors are charged with the responsibility of managing the affairs of the Club in the best interest of all Pennsylvania Yacht Club members. Our Officers are as follows:


Jim Sharp



Jim Hartman

Vice Commodore


Carol Finnegan

Rear Commodore



2019 Princess

Joe DeMaio

Recording Secretary

Brian Bates

Financial Secretary

Mike Callahan


Tony Kozar


Bill Antrobus


Marc Haley


John Devlin


Jeff Cardinal


Message from the Commodore

It is a genuine honor to be the Commodore of the Pennsylvania Yacht Club. I am especially pleased to have the privilege of being part of this very successful Board of Directors we called the "Can Do Team", because they are now called the "We did it team". With the enthusiastic support of our “proud to be a member” General Body Membership, we have been able to accomplish the rapid re-invigoration of this great club. The financial situation is healthy again, we are now taking advantage of early bill-paying discounts, instead of late fees and past due charges, avoiding assessments, while doubling our rainy day / capital improvement fund, and new membership is near record-breaking. With the Entertainment Committee's fantastic enthusiasm, we have had the clubhouse full of many very profitable fund-raising events, and the equally enthusiastic Social Activities Committee has had the club full of happy children and aspiring artists. The "We did it team" and both the Entertainment and Social Activities Committee are still working hard to bring us another exciting year. As a part of our Yacht Club charter mission, we are proud to to be a host to the Washington's Crossing's Sea Scouts ship. The Board of Directors and I wish you all an excellent boating season.